Message from the Vice Chairman

I am delighted to welcome you to the Jahnavi Group of Institutions. It is the Jahnavi’s commitment to serve you in your journey of higher education. In the service of this goal, we have taken every care to present to you the most progressive academic choices. The Jahnavi Group of Institutions is proud to offer Intermediate/Degree/PG and Professional Courses. You will find in the teaching faculty a wonderful blend of enthusiasm and talent. Many of our teachers are national renowned experts and scholars . We believe that research is at the pinnacle of academic excellence.

we have an institute dedicated to promoting research capabilities amongst staff and students. We are also appreciative of the important place of career readiness in the overall scheme of higher education. You will find yourself equipped with all the knowledge and know-how that you would need to thrive in the global employment market place when you leave us. The strong presence of national students is one of our most prized feats These students come from many states.

Internationalisation also means that we set our standards of academic excellence and differentiation at the national level, and no less. The teaching-learning processes are positively forward-looking and focused on the student’s development not only is academics but also in inculcating the rich and traditional values of our culture and conventions. Our students avail the most advanced infrastructure both within and outside the classroom. The college campus premises in Hyderabad are amongst some of the most impressive campuses you will find in India.

As proud as we are of our focus on academics, we believe that there is a lot more that goes into making for a wholesome educational experience. Thus, a whole gamut of extra-curricular and recreational amenities complete the circle of education at the college. That being said, all the opportunities at the college are only as good as what you do with them.

I encourage you to put your best efforts into reaping all that you can during your time here.

We consider ourselves custodians of the trust that you have placed in us as you take on your journey of education. I wish you all the best!